By Kombinacion

Have you ever dreamed of transforming that inspiration, idea or concept into something tangible?

With moving from pencil and paper to reality?

We also. And although we know that it is a consequence, we do not do it for success or greatness, we do it for the simple satisfaction of feeling fulfilled by creating something we dream of. Those are our projects. In constant change and development and with the maximum effort in the quality of what we do with the heart. We invite you to know them:


Simple textile designs specially made so our clients can feel comfortable, and free at any time. Feel free to choose our shirts of the colors that inspire us, with the highest textile quality.


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Iconos, from the beginning, has focused on rescuing all the positive things of Venezuelan culture, in any format and in any way. Any way in which it is possible to express ourselves, we will make icons, to emphasize our cultural heritage.